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What changes do you wish to see in the Indian society?

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution proclaims the solemn resolution of the people of India to constitute the nation into a “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic”. As an Indian, I’d like to see India just as envisaged by the framers of our Constitution.

Even after 70 years of independence, India is still a developing country. The main reason for this is unemployment. Certainly, it’s not possible for the Government to provide employment to 125 crore Indians. It is the responsibility of each and every Indian to earn a livelihood by fair means.
What India needs today is an intense scientific advancement. To accomplish this, more and more parents are providing their wards with a good education. Students are choosing science stream after 10th. Many of them are following the course of Engineering after 12th. Over the years, the no. of Engineers(both B.Tech and Polytechnic) in the Indian society has undergone a rise. It is no more possible for the Government as well as Industrialists to provide each and every one of them with jobs. Someone has rightfully said, “Engineers in India should not be job seekers, they should be job creators.” From here, the story of an Engineer-Entrepreneur begins. If an Engineer is able to startup, he’ll not only be able to solve the problem of his own unemployment, but also distribute employment to many. There are only a few notable startups in India at present times. I hope one day, there will be no unemployment problem in India, provided people can provide jobs to themselves through Entrepreneurship.
It is said that the development of a nation can be measured by taking a glance at the Olympics Medal Tally. The concept is odd to hear but is true. Although India has a huge population, India has been unable to achieve much success at the Olympics. It’ll be wrong to say that India doesn’t have a knack for sports. India has secured the first position in cricket since the Indian youth have worshiped cricket. My question is why only cricket? Why not football, hockey, polo, handball, gymnastics etc? If Indians get involved in sports, India can surely secure a good position in the Olympic Medal Tally. To divert the attention of Indians from Cricket to other sports, we have to promote those sports. Here comes the role of a sports entrepreneur. A sports entrepreneur will open sports hubs wherever he can, where different types of international sports like High Jump, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, etc will be taught. The raw talent can be sieved, who will glorify our nation at International Sports Events. The idea is the Industrialization of Sports will give rise to will give rise to immense employment in the country. The experienced sportsmen/sportswomen will coach the youth, and sieve the talent. In this process, 2 birds(unemployment and disappointing medal tally) will be killed with one stone( industrialization of sports).
Most of the electronic goods(mobile phones, TV sets, speakers, headphones, microwave ovens, laptops, watches, etc) that we use in day to day lives are not made in India. They are mainly imported from China. Had this items been manufactured in India, what would’ve been our employment statistics! There is a tremendous demand for mobile phones and computers in present-day India, as the nation has begun to enter the cyber age. Some of the brands do assemble in India, but that’s not a big step. However, India is not in a position to manufacture the components of these electronic gadgets, the reason being the high cost of implementation of the machines that are used to make those stuff. I believe that in the near future, India will have all the machinery to make the hi-tech electronic components, and will be able to manufacture electronic goods. In the process, the problem unemployment will be resolved to a great extent.
In present times, 70% of Indians are engaged in agronomy. Truly, it’s the most important field of India’s economy. Humans can not survive without food, and the production of the staple food has to be the most important topic in Indian economics. Imagine an Australian Farmer. What picture do you get? A well dressed stalwart man with a hat on his head, puffing cigar, driving a tractor or combined harvester, and earning a lot of money. On the other hand, imagine an Indian farmer. An emaciated man, striving on the land with a spade in the hot sun. His income is subtle. The producer of food is not getting enough to eat! We have to change this scenario, or the country won’t develop. For instance, a farmer is growing onions, and selling it to a broker at 5/- kg, who in turn sells it to a shopkeeper in the town at 20/- kg; the shopkeeper sells the onion to the customer at 40/- kg. The same happens in the case of other vegetables, paddy, wheat, corn etc. The ones who are in between the consumers are earning the most. Clearly, the one who has worked hard to grow that onion isn’t earning a justified sum. This system has to change.
In conclusion, I’ll say that India has come a long way in the run. Yet, a lot of things are happening in today’s India are unconstitutional. It is the responsibility of the upcoming generation to bring about a change. Jai Hind!

Written By:
Saptarshi Ghosh

Department of Mechanical Engineering

1st Year

Intern at KGEC E-Cell

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