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E-Summit 2018: A Journal


E Summit 2018 was a power-packed, business and entrepreneurship event hosted on the 6th and 7th of April, 2018.

It is the annual flagship event of Kalyani Government Engineering College’s  Entrepreneurship Cell. It was a unique event with sessions ranging from psychological wellness to Q&As with established entrepreneurs.

The vision of the E Cell is simple – to galvanize the youth to create jobs and incubate entrepreneurial spirit. With this simple mantra in mind, it hosted many activities like Buzz-In-The-Campus, Click-The-Summit , Biz-Quiz and of course, the Pitchathon.



Pre-Summit Events:

Here, participants saw various events which were held to promote entrepreneurial activities. One such session was with Mr. Biplab Poddar, CEO of Oxident Technologies, an alumnus of KGEC on Digital Marketing. Also, there was Egnition 2017 that resulted in a houseful session of around 200 freshmen.




6th April: Day 1 of E Summit

A sense of nervous anticipation in the air followed by frantic activities for last minute touch ups of unfinished stuff.  The first session was that by Caring Minds on psychological wellness. Besides, learning a lot of new phobias(some of the names are truly weird) and reasons for OCD participants also learned to keep themselves free from stress. Questions from the audience highlighted that a significant number of people suffer from stress and anxiety.The next was Biz-Quiz, a quiz on business topics. It got everyone excited and brought their inner Derek O’Brien to the fore. Participants had to form a team of two. It tested their knowledge of startups, famous entrepreneurs, and businesses. The next was an interactive session with Abhinaba Dey, Co-Founder of OpusNest and Somwrita Guha, founder of Papercup. Both of them shared their own experiences in developing their start-ups. Both of them agreed on hard work is the base for starting any business venture. That, coupled with the ability to take risks and being flexible was also necessary.



Someone from the audience asked, ” Is it difficult being an entrepreneur?”.

Somwrita replied, with a smile “Hailing from a typical Bengali middle-class family, entrepreneurship itself is deemed a stereotype. We are more comfortable being in the position of an employee, drawing a monthly salary rather than taking risks.” She then proceeded to say “Being an entrepreneur, I realized that money could multiply itself – My money could itself get more Money!”.

7th April: The final and most important day of E Summit

The day started off with sessions with Saurabh Dhanuka, founder and CEO at Jab We Ate and Ravi Ranjan, Entrepreneur Evangelist and Startup Expert.


Saurabh Dhanuka started off by saying a very basic human truth, that is, we all love to eat. We may not be gourmands in MasterChef, but we cannot refuse a plate of “maa ka haath ka khana”. That is the philosophy behind Jab We Ate, a company which specializes in home-made food and desserts. He shared his success story with us, right from sourcing ingredients till the logistics.

Ravi Ranjan proceeded to tell the stories of various startups in the $100 billion club and the reasons why they were different. He also encouraged us to venture into entrepreneurship and pointed out the various fields in which we could innovate. He exhorted us to find solutions to problems which could thereby change lives.


After a lunch break talks with Prantik Sinha, Co-Founder of Agastya Buoyant and Rana Dutta, CEO of Tiyo ensued. Both of them encouraged us to start innovating and make a meaningful difference in others’ lives.

The two-day event culminated with the Pitch-A-Thon – a business pitching session where teams pitched ideas that could potentially change our lives. It ranged from the incredibly futuristic plans of using AI in home automation, to the use of technology in ensuring women safety. Questions from the panel of judges tested the confidence of the participants and also the viability of their projects. Mostly, the judges based on their extensive knowledge gave an in-depth critique of how the startups would fare in the real world, with such diverse competition.

As the day came to a close, members and interns heaved a huge sigh of relief. Weeks of frayed nerves, anxious phone calls, and sky-high adrenaline levels had ended and it was time to say goodbye to the distinguished guests and students from other colleges. The day ended on a positive note with the judges handing out awards to the winners. Snippets of conversations from various enthusiastic attendees revealed that it was a wonderful event with lots of knowledge gained and memories made.



Reported By:
Sanghamitra Biswas
1st Year Intern, KGEC E-CELL

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