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Symposium–de-illuminate : A KGEC E-CELL and IIT-B Collaboration.

“ The only way to do great work is to love what you do.“

-Steve Jobs

And this love for entrepreneurship helped KGEC E-CELL to reach another milestone as IIT Bombay set foot on KGEC for the first time ever.It was indeed a very proud moment for Kalyani Government Engineering College as KGEC E-CELL in collaboration with the E Cell of IIT Bombay organized an entrepreneurial workshop named Symposium–de-illuminate for the benefit of the students. Students from various colleges took part in it. Sashwata Roy, the representative of IIT Bombay E Cell, was the main speaker of the event. Dr. Shantanu Das(Chairman of KGEC E-cell), Prof. Supriyo Banerjee (Secretary of KGEC E-cell), Prof. Md. Iqbal Qureshi(Treasurer of KGEC E-cell) also graced the event with their precious presence.

sir and mr. roy

Mr. Sashwata Roy started his lecture explaining what Entrepreneurship actually is-

“ The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks, in order to add value and make profit. In other words, the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. “

He then went on talking  about a lot of business terms and gave valuable info about them. The overall project was on finding out the major problems we face in our society, generating practical solutions of those problems and make a business model canvas on it.


“The way an artist fills up a blank white canvas with colors and turn that into a lively painting, entrepreneurs in the same way, give solutions to problems in a form of start-up in their business model canvas.”

For that Mr. Sashwata Roy at first divided the whole audience into 9 teams. Each team had to prepare one business model and pitch it in front of the audience.

The first half of the workshop consisted of the discussions on various topics related to business. Mr. Roy explained them in details. He clarified what are the basic requirements to be a successful entrepreneur and what his mind-set should be. He gave detailed explanation about unique value proposition, customer services, revenue streams, cost structure, key metrics and many such terms that are essential for a business model.

rear view

Then there was a breather after a contiguous session of discussion. In the second half, it was all about the teams to prepare the business model canvas and pitch it. To help the teams in making the canvas, Mr. Roy showed the BMCs(Business model canvas) of AIRBNB, OLA, AMAZON etc. and explained their success stories. He cited the likes of Mr. Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and many other successful entrepreneurs in order to enlighten the lamp inside the budding entrepreneurs. To speak about start-up, he stated that,

“A start-up is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.So, it is all about taking risks, failures are parts and parcels of it. People who overcome all these barriers, are the ones who survive in this field.”

We are glad to share that Mr. Sashwata Roy was ‘hugely impressed’  by the pitching event as each and every team came up with innovative ideas and their B-Plan looked quite promising. Mr. Roy and Prof. Supriyo Banerjee monitored the event and gave invaluable advice and suggestions to the teams for the betterment of their ideas.

laptop and speaker

So, in overall, it was a great learning experience for the participants as they got a chance  to get familiar with the terms that are required for every businessman to get success in their field. Moreover, they got to know how to pitch and the basics of business model canvas.

All the credits though goes to the KGEC E-CELL and its members as they worked really hard to organize the workshop successfully in such a short period of time and their hard work literally paid off. Mr. Roy was amazed as his last speech summed up the whole story of the day.


“I am glad to be a part of this workshop. The enthusiasm and energy shown by the participants is really appreciable and we would be looking towards organizing more such events in future. Thank you all.”

group pic

Written By-Sarthak Mazumdar

Edited By- Sohini Ghosh

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Trailblazers #4 : An Interview With ‘Catch Them Young’ Participants.

It  all started on 23rdDecember, 2018,when Kaushikee Banerjee along with our Joint Secretary Mr. Ankan Chattopadhyay and fellow member Ms. Shubhangi Dey witnessed some entrepreneurs discussing about their start-ups and success stories at a networking meet organized by CTY in American Centre, Kolkata.

After a day long session, they were notified about the campus ambassador programme which was open to college students.

After filling up the form of Campus Ambassador programme, Kaushikee Banerjee received a mail from CTY with a few questions like why would she want to be a part of this, if she had any business idea or not etc. Based upon the answers the final selection was to be made. She cleared this round and got a call by one CTY representative that she had been shortlisted as the campus ambassador. Her work was to spread the word and inspire students to take part in it.

Few months down the lane,

it was a proud moment for all KGECians as 5 out of 5 participants of ‘Catch them young‘ competition had qualified for the next round and grabbed the chance of attending a business summit.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 3.46.38 PM

The selected students were:

  1. Hosneara Khatoon (CSE, 4th Year)
  2. Sanghamitra Biswas(IT, 3rd Year)
  3. Devsmita Mukherjee (CSE, 3rd Year)
  4. Shubhangi Dey (EE, 2nd Year)
  5. Tirtharaj Chakraborty (IT, 1st Year)

KGEC E-CELL ,delighted with  this achievement decided to have an interactive session with them and hear from them about their experience and ideas and many things more…

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 3.39.58 PM

It started with just a general enquiry about how they came to know about CTY contest .

Sanghamitra Biswas explained that CTY had come to the college during April 2019 and had a session with the E Cell. During that session, Suman Mukhopadhyay came and encouraged the students to present their ideas, whatsoever it maybe and the selected few would then get a chance to participate in the bootcamp.

All the participants were very excited and few of them didn’t really expect that their idea would be shortlisted among the top 50 ideas. So before attending the camp, some of them were nervous at the same time confident enough to present their realistic B-Plan in front of the judge’s desk.

When asked about their B-plans, Sanghamitra Biswas said,

 “My idea is that by connecting ordinary tailoring institutions to customers, there will be a better fit at an affordable price.”

Husna Khatoon’s idea is based on Internet technology. She wants to create a website like shiksha.com or collegedunia.com, but it would be different from them and helpful to the students and their parents.

Devsmita Mukherjee had a plan which revolves around fashion and boutique. To open a boutique for a local brand which will be only for women, her motto is to enhance women empowerment.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 3.46.03 PM

Shubhangi Dey explained her B-Plan which deals with a serious and real issue,

“My business plan was rural sector. I aimed at water scarcity in Purulia district of West Bengal which is the 2nd most water scarce area after Rajasthan. So, I made a B-Plan which highlighted that we can make water booths out of Moringa oleifera which is drumsticks or “duta” as we know it in Bengali. Drumsticks seed are very helpful to get purified water and thus eliminate the impurities in water and the general health will be be better.”


Tirtharaj demonstrated that his B-Plan is to provide digital marketing services and to make it easily available for every entrepreneur and businessman and salesperson. And to provide proper value proposition and to maintain customer relationships.

It was 3-day session with Subhangi Dey being the only participant to make it to the final day. During these 3 days the participants learnt quite a few things about how to make a presentation of their B-Plan. All the participants had one thing in common.  They were hugely impressed by the session by Data Sutram founder, Rajit Bhattacharya.

In the words of Subhangi,

“ We were taught value propositions, revenue model, how to do financial projections. We got to know how to make a B-Plan and how to implement it. We were asked to solve certain exercises and it helped us in knowing our idea to greater depth. So as we can understand that the sessions did not just test their B-Plan but also made them learn quite a few essential things which will be required in the entrepreneurship field.”

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 3.43.12 PM

Tirtharaj Chakraborty had an amazing experience just like all the other participants but it was all the more precious for a 1st Year. He is extremely thankful for the help he got from the other participants in making a presentation as well as in making his idea better. Let’s hear from him on this,

“I was helped a lot by my seniors. They helped me in shaping my idea so that it is well presented. I was encouraged to interact with the guest lecturers as well as with other participants.” He is very much excited to join KGEC E-CELL as according to him it would help him to, “get more opportunities like these as CTY and to learn a lot more from the other members and discuss my idea as well as other marketing strategies with them.”

Year after year one thing remains constant, and that is the excitement of freshers to join KGEC E-CELL.

pen paper

Most of the participants harbour future plans regarding their B-Plan and we hope they would  implement all the lessons they have learnt in the bootcamp to make their B-Plan get a little edge over the other ones. It’s good to see students actually being interested to launch their own start-ups rather than a daily job.

This gets more consolidated with Sanghamitra Biswas saying,

“Being a student at KGEC and member of E Cell from the first year, I have come to realise that there are not so many quality jobs out there. Most of the jobs that are out there is either underpaid or very tiring or on a completely different domain that you would like to work on. But being an entrepreneur, you can actually convert your own skills and create your own start-up.”

Out of the 5 participants, 4 were part of KGEC E-CELL. Sanghamitra Biswas and Devsmita Mukherjee was asked about their mantra to the 1st Years and both of them had one common thing to say, that was the 1st years should definitely join E-CELL if they are interested in the entrepreneurship field. According to Devsmita Mukherjee even if they are not interested in the business field they should give it a go as it would help in their personal development which will be beneficial when they would going for job interviews and all that.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 3.41.16 PM

Last but not the least KGEC E-Cell is extremely proud of all 5 the participants of CTY contest and wishes them all the best for their future endeavours.

Written By: Sarthak Mazumder and Subhadeep Bose

Edited By: Sohini Ghosh









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KGEC E-CELL AIM 2019-2020

From the very childhood, it has been fed into our blood lines that ‘Life is a Race’. In fact, in this modern corporate world it is pretty hard to disagree with it. But instead of running on someone else’s track, why not choose your own path?

Here in KGEC E- Cell, we are of the same mind. To all KGEC-ians this Cell is like the companion in the journey to become an entrepreneur. KGEC E-Cell endeavors to give the students of the college proper exposure, experience and skill set to succeed with their venture in this corporate world.

The two key ingredients of entrepreneurship are innovative thinking and dedication to achieve your goal. If you have these two, KGEC E-Cell will provide you with the structure, guidance and support any budding entrepreneur requires.

e cell 2

Starting in late 2014, the KGEC E-Cell’s aim was to spread the Entrepreneurship culture among the students of Kalyani Government Engineering College. Our alumni and our current student entrepreneurs are witness and proof to the same. In almost 5 years of E-Cell, we have organized various workshops, training programs, internship drives along with our annual and flagship events (e.g. E-Summit, Egnition, etc.).

This upcoming academic session is going to be very special as our E-Cell will complete it’s five years as a part of our college. We are looking forward to setting new heights this year with the help of our students and respected faculty members.



Weekly Blogs: In this 21st century the world is changing so rapidly that almost nothing can be said to be impossible. Be it technology, industries or the environment surrounding us. We, at E-Cell are trying to increase the general awareness about the developments and problems going around us with the help of our weekly blogs on relevant topics. Other than this we are also planning to take new initiatives like Biz-The-Sauras, where our aim will be to familiarize the students with the business terms and whereabouts by interesting posts.

Yearlong Various Workshops: A student when he comes as a fresher he may not be a Jack of all trades but this corporate world demands you to be an Ace of at least two or three. That is why, across the year E-Cell is planning to organize different workshops on IOT, Coding, Soft skills etc. conducted by Professionals.


Egnition 2k19: Egnition 2k19 is going to be the first event hosted by KGEC E-Cell in the academic year of 2019-20. It is an engaging one day annual event hosted specially for the freshers of KGEC. Filled with interactive sessions, reputed guest speakers this event is the platform which provides the basic knowledge about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship culture in our college.

E-Summit 2k20: E-Summit is KGEC E-Cell’s flagship event. E-Summit is a two day event filled with various interactive activities and orations by various speakers. Pitch-a-thon is the main event of E-Summit. Here you can pitch your start-up ideas in front of a respected panel of judges.

Internship Opportunities: Experience is vital in any field. That is why KGEC E-Cell looks to present the opportunity to get internships in Non-technical and technical field both in our own college start-ups and external start-ups.


Exposure Tours: Like the previous years this year we are also planning to visit the different IITs and IIMs. This provides the much needed expertise and knowledge of the present start-up scene. Also develops the relation with other colleges in and around the outskirts of Kolkata like Presidency College, IISER Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Kolkata, IIEST Shibpur etc. Also interaction with associates of such esteemed institutes would not only provide a remarkable chance of becoming a part of a network but it might also give one the chance to convert their dream start-up into reality.


Incubation Center: It has been the dream of KGEC E-Cell for many years- An Incubation Center which will provide the proper infrastructure to the start-ups of our college and other surrounding startups in the locality. After years of hard work by the members and faculty members of KGEC E-Cell finally this year the phase one of building an Incubation Center will begin with the help of IIM Kolkata Innovation Park.

And last but not the least,

E-Cell Recruitment Test: It is a screening process to select only the best and deserving candidates to shoulder the responsibilities of E-Cell. This is the first opportunity for freshers to be a member of E-Cell.  Like every year it will not only to test the candidates’ knowledge and intelligence but their dedication towards their goal.

all in one

Team KGEC E-Cell, 2017-18
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KGEC E-Cell: Prize Distribution, Farewell and Felicitation and Investiture Ceremony 2017/18

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – Paulo Coelho

All good things come to an end, with a greater purpose. While holding on to our cherished memories, the KGEC E Cell organized a combined event, that comprised Prize Distribution, Felicitation and Farewell and Investiture Ceremonies, on the 18th of May, 2018. It was a confluence of old memories with the new, unbridled enthusiasm – seniors were bid adieu, while the new interns were sworn in into the fold of the organization.

The first order of business of the day was to induct fresh blood into the E Cell. All of the faculty members, such as Dr. Santanu Das(director of KGEC E-Cell), Prof. Md. Iqbal Qureshi, (treasurer) and Prof. Supriyo Banerjee (Secretary) were present. It was a really exciting prospect – interns finally turning into provisional members after months of hard labor, with Mr. Aniket Mondal bagging the prize for Best Intern. Next, the permanent members were called forth, one by one, and awarded for their commendable contributions to the E-Cell in the academic year 2017-18. Special care was taken to felicitate the Joint Secretaries too. As the Joint Secretaries Mr. Somnath Sinha and Mr. Rahul Shaw stood tall before the room, the E-Cell acknowledged receipt of their invaluable contributions over the tenure of three years of their membership. In his speech, Mr. Somnath Sinha, said “I was a part of this E-Cell from my second year and have learned a lot and developed myself by remaining in touch with various activities and some helpful seniors who thoroughly guided me in every step. Being a core team member, it has always been my pleasure to run the activities and working with you people as a team.” His bald head delineating the three years of his experience, he added, “When we are small, our elders put us under various restrictions, which we view as obstacles. But, ultimately it is the brakes of a car that allow it to run fast”, thus hinting at how the faculty members of the Cell were the main driving force. Accompanying them was Mr. Rahul Das, one of the three seniormost student members who had nurtured the cell since its germination. The proceedings remained witness to a display of indelible nostalgia as the moments were captured in Polaroid.

Mr. Somnath Sinha speaks and enthralls the audience for one last time
Mr. Somnath Sinha speaks and enthralls the audience for one last time

Now it was time to announce the office for the coming academic year, and Dr. Santanu Das was called upon to undertake the task of filling in the big shoes vacated by the sinews of the cell. First in line was Mr. Raja Mishra(Additional Secretary, Public Relation Head), followed by Mr. Abhranil Roy and Ms. Komal Singh(Joint Secretaries). Subsequently, the other members of the core committee such as Mr. Subham Baunthiyal (Design Head), Mr. Sarbesh Kr. Sarkar (Web Technical Head), Mr, Saurav Kumar Singh (Content and Internal Communication Head) were also called up. Standing next to them were the members of the auxiliary committee- the conveners (Mr. Bikash Prajapati, Mr. Kiran Kumar Das, Mr. Animesh Dutta and Mr. Ankan Chattopadhyay). It was a solemn moment for them – standing like guards in a sentinel. The investiture ceremony instilled a sense of responsibility and diligence among the new recruits and refreshed the joviality of the old ones.

The entire session was coordinated by Mr. Abhranil Roy with Mr. Ankan Chattopadhyay assisting him and Prof. Supriyo Banerjee and Prof. Md. Iqbal Qureshi at the forefront. They asked members from all domains to work as a team and laid down the following targets –

All outgoing members of the KGEC E-Cell Team with the faculty members.( From L-R Mr, Rahul Das, Mr. Rahul Shaw, Mr. Somnath Sinha, Dr. Santanu Das, Prof. Supriyo Banerjee, Prof. Iqbal Qureshi)
All outgoing members of the KGEC E-Cell Team with the faculty members( From L-R Mr, Rahul Das, Mr. Rahul Shaw, Mr. Somnath Sinha, Dr. Santanu Das, Prof. Supriyo Banerjee, Prof. Iqbal Qureshi)
  • To establish an Incubation Center
  • To provide exclusive internships to the E Cell team and groom other college students for the same.
  • Increase coordination among different domains and reduction in time to get things done
  • The signing of MOU with various colleges and universities(IIT Bombay)

The two hours that followed from 4PM – 6PM were reflective of the close bonds that had forged among the members. Mr. Somnath Sinha and Mr. Rahul Shaw (outgoing Joint Secretaries) turned up for the occasion with more than just words. They charted a future course for our times ahead. Prof. Supriyo Banerjee, being a teacher to Mr. Somnath Sinha praised him by saying that the latter was his Guru too and commended his decision-making abilities. Hereon, Prof. Supriyo Banerjee took a chance to focus on the authoritative skills and its importance to the newly formed team. He then shared, “When doing a certain work, even I could not make a decision at a certain place. Somnath would then take over the situation telling that the team has the strength to do that job within a deadline. So, in this regard, he is superior to me”. He also humorously added, “It will be another challenge to the new E-cell team that at a point where I will fumble, your work will be to make the right decision at the right place”.

Core Committee and Auxiliary Committee for the academic year 2018-19
Core Committee and Auxiliary Committee for the academic year 2018-19

As the day drew to a close, the KGEC E Cell collectively felt a great sense of loss at the departure of three iconic members of the E Cell – Mr Somnath Sinha, Mr Rahul Das and Mr Rahul Shaw, who had been an indispensable part from the Cell’s inception, paving all throughout its way. At the same time, the members knew that mammoth responsibilities were now vested on able shoulders and the years of hard work and effort of the predecessors had finally borne fruit. It was, finally, a day of bittersweet endings.


Abir Bhattacharya, Suvro Mukherjee, Sanghamitra Biswas


Ankan Chattopadhyay

Mr. Subham Baunthiyal felicitates Mr. Rahul Das
Mr. Aniket Mondal awarded the Best Intern by Dr. Santanu Das(director)
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Trailblazers #1: An interview with Mr. Biplab Poddar


Trailblazers is a series of interview sessions that are being done by KGEC E-Cell. We are interviewing college alumni or those still in college, who have found success in establishing their own startup or are intimately involved with one. The first one is with Mr. Biplab Poddar, a 2017 batch pass-out.

Biplab Poddar, an alumnus of KGEC, co-founder, and CEO of Oxedent Technologies, a digital marketing startup shared his views on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Following are some of the excerpts:

Interviewer: What is the inspiration behind starting a digital marketing?

Biplab Poddar: I always had a dream to start a company of my own. I was looking for an opportunity to start. It is actually quite hard to start a company in Kolkata because the whole startup ecosystem in Kolkata is dead, with very few investors willing to listen to your idea. Three of us got together to start a company called planmetour.com but it failed. And that was the time I tried to figure out what I am good at. I found that most clients abroad were interested in digital marketing. As there was hardly any investment I thought that I could grow with my clients’ money.

I: Is there someone who you look up to?

BP: To be honest, I read a lot of entrepreneurial stories. I watched a lot of inspirational videos on YouTube about how people started from scratch and later went on to have a multibillionaire empire.

I: Is there someone in particular?

BP: In digital marketing segment there is a company called Techshoe, subsidiary of Indus Net, founded by Abhisekh Rungta. In a couple of years, the company grew to a valuation of 100crores. So I tried to study his methods about how he acquired clients and how he hire talent. As digital marketing is a brand new segment, so it is hard to find talent in a city like Kolkata. So now we have a client base comprising of 50 clients which is a new milestone for us.

I: What according to you does it take, to be a successful entrepreneur?

BP: You need to be able to take risks and the willingness to learn new things. Well, I had to learn a lot. I learned how to balance sheets, file returns, maintain accounts,  and appoint CA s. Also retaining and dealing with clients as well as employees. And you need to be able to deal with new problems each and every day.

I: How do you deal with deadlines?

BP: My start-up is a small one which provides digital services to small entrepreneurs and business to grow their businesses online. It is actually quite hard meeting deadlines with only four people. And so we had to sacrifice our sleep.

I: How many sleepless nights did you have?

BP(laughs): Many

I: So, how do you push yourself through these worst times?

BP: I read a lot of books. Currently, I am reading Zero to One. Books help me to escape into a different world. They help me to get through the bad times.

I: As a strategist, how would you guide your company in this fiercely competitive market in the future?

BP: The market will be as competitive as ever. But amidst all this, one still has to stay strong.  You need to find some unique USPs that you can provide to your clients that will maintain the level of work.

I: How do you deal with customers who aren’t satisfied with your work?

BP: I don’t give fake promises to my clients. I offer them free service even if they aren’t satisfied with my work.

I: If you were given a choice to further diversify your company, would you do that? If yes, how would you retain your core customer base?

BP: We are a services based company. So I am looking forward to developing apps for Android because the whole world is nowadays into mobile.

I: Last but not the least, are you hiring?

BP: As we are a services-based company, our main asset is our people. So I am definitely looking forward to hiring new people because they’ll bring in a lot of money.


KGEC E-Cell invites all your thoughts, comments and queries at kgececellenquiry@gmail.com